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Frara Road Pen Sleeve Leather Pen Sleeve for One Standard Sized Pen

The Pen Sleeve

In a Nutshell:

Made from the highest quality full grain leather

Fits most standard size pens

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Length – 15.5cm
Width – 4.5cm
Thickness – 4mm at widest point

Built to last for generations!


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The Pen Sleeve

While you might look at the Pen Sleeve and think this is a very basic product, we put a lot of effort into the look, feel and functionality of this everyday carry tool. We realized that the Pen Sleeve is something that is going to be not only carried along with you all day, but actually most of the time carried on you in your jeans pocket. So actually yes, it is a basic product, but the value of the design of our Frara Road™ Pen Sleeve comes in its simplicity.

We worked on getting the exact width, thickness and length to firstly protect your pen but also to feel comfortable in your pocket all while maintaining a durability that will last for generations.

Remember that leather will transform with how you use it. It will slowly soften with time and use. After a few months in and out of your pocket your Frara Road™ Pen Sleeve will have transformed in feel and colour based on your personal use making it unmistakably yours.


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Leather Colour

black, brown, veg


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