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Frara Road Pen Roll Pen Roll for 6 Pens

The Pen Roll

In a nutshell:

Made from the highest quality full grain upholstery leather
6 Sleeve Pockets for Pens or pencils (or whatever you are wanting to carry that fits in the sleeves for that matter – it’s up to you)
Protection flap means your pens are safe and secure at all times
F|R Logo on outside
Frara Road branding on inside
Pull back self locking system
Dimensions when rolled:
Length – 18.5cm
Width – 7.5cm
Height – 7cm

Dimensions when open flat:
Length – 30.5cm
Width (Flap Closed) – 18.5cm
Width (Flap Open) – 28cm
Depth – 0.8cm

Built to last for generations!


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The Pen Roll

This was the first product in our range that we started working on, simply because it was the product that we were most excited to have for ourselves. We tweaked and tested the design of our Pen Roll more times than the average person has hairs on their head and the outcome is simply a breathtakingly beautiful product that functions unlike any pen roll you’ve seen.

The unique thing about our Pen Roll is that the strap is never in your way. When rolled up the strap tucks itself out of the way and is designed in such a way that the strap does not have to wrap right around the roll in order to secure it. Essentially it forms a self locking mechanism and also reduces the length of the strap needed.

When the Pen Roll is laid open the strap is completely hidden underneath and out of your way. If your desk is as full of organized chaos as ours are then you will appreciate the importance of this feature.

The Pen Roll has six sleeves for your pens and pencils. Each sleeve will fit a full sized pen comfortably with a little bit of extra space.

The flap at the top ensures full protection from your pens rubbing against each other aswell as the elements.

Made from the highest quality full grain upholstery leather and machine stitched with precision and care using a heavy duty thread. The Pen Roll will last you for generations to come.

We are irritatingly proud about the design of our Pen Roll. If you see us out somewhere I would strongly advise you not to bring up conversation with us about the Frara Road™ Roll. You won’t be able to get us to stop talking about it.

We know you will love this pen roll as much as we do.

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 2 cm
Leather Colour

Brown, Black

1 review for The Pen Roll

  1. (verified owner)

    Beautifully made pen roll. This is the pen roll I wish Saddleback Leather would make. But since they didn’t, I’m VERY happy I found this one from Frara Road. Nice quality leather – definitely full grain, not cheap top-grain. Very nice stitching. The strap cinches down to hold the roll securely shut.

    When my package arrived, there was a hand written note from Jesse. That is wonderful customer service to match the quality of the product.


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