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Our products are designed and created in such a way that some people would call us silly from a business perspective. Our product are intended and encouraged that you buy them only ever once. Meaning that everything that we offer is made to last a lifetime, in fact they’re made to last a few lifetimes. The materials used and the workmanship put to our products are second to none and are never compromised. So you will never have to buy another one again. Doesn’t this mean less sales you ask? Yes it does. But it also means less wasteful consumerism and less harm to our planet. And weighing the two up, we choose to be less wasteful and harmful. We hope you will choose this path too.

Behind the scenes we are two brothers (Jesse and Jamie – I know, our parents gave us girls names right?) with a passion for stationery. Be it Fountain Pens, Inks, Paper or, well, any stationery that performs well in its purpose of being a tool for creativity and expression, we are bound to take a strong liking to it. I mean who doesn’t like stationery really? We set out upon Frara Road™ with a simple goal to make lasting products that are beautiful to look at and most importantly, practical to use. To make nothing that is unnecessary and to make things that we personally want.

Our Generation Guarantee guarantees that any product you buy from Frara Road, you will be able to hand down to your grandchildren and them to their grandchildren.